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Clearing & Blessings

This is a sacred ceremony consisting of a variety of ancient and New Age practices of working with the Divine and spiritual realm energies.  The ancient wisdom of spiritually healing living spaces is an important part of many cultures.  These ceremonies have been used by ancient people to bring energy healing to their environment by honoring the Divine/Universe.

Some reasons for needing this ceremony include:

  • Depleting energy within the home/office affecting your life in all aspects.
  • Houses or buildings that have been vacant
  • Homes that have had a history of fighting, addiction or domestic violence
  • Residences that have antique furnishings that may not have been spiritually cleansed
  • Passing of a loved one in the home
  • Sometimes, a spirit has moved in or even attached to someone within the home

I work locally, nationally and internationally working with the home or office setting and what the client's preference is - whether by phone, skype or simply by telepathy with a follow-up phone call or email (depending upon location).  

          *** References are available upon request ***

                 *** All Appointments and Cancellations need a minimum of 24 hour notice. ***​

​​​This ceremony consists of releasing, purifying, elevating and protecting the ​space within your home, business, building and property.  I use a variety of spiritual techniques and tools to clear each room of its stagnant energy, which is no longer needed nor beneficial to the resident's environment.

​​In particular circumstances, when needed, I clear earthbound spirits in a compassionate manner. The removal of unwanted and imbalanced energy patterns clears the space.

The purified space is now restored with a harmonious vibration of Divine Peace, Love and Joy. This Divine alignment creates opportunities for improvements in all areas of your life - health, relationships, career - to name a few.

​​​​​​​​Renewing the peace, love and joy

that is the foundation of a healthy environment 

     Joan Snow                    845-641-1579                  

  • Intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner
  • Certified Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master - CRM
  • Home/Business Spiritual Clearing & Blessings Ceremony
  • Ordained Minister-Universal Life Church