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Bend, OR 

"I have had Reiki one and two, as well as distant spirit release and house clearing performed by Joan. The results of her work were amazing. The spirit release was instantaneous and her timely "intervention" set my family's path back from a disaster to a continued progress. During these sessions, she performed many rituals, which showed me her extensive knowledge to connect with the universe."   
"Joan goes that extra mile to put her clients’ needs first.  To this point, even after she performed the spirit release from my family member, she kept him protected by praying for him and putting his name on her “altar”. In addition, after each session I have had with her, she gave me printed and other materials to help me do my own work.”
"Joan's professionalism is also shown by the way she listens and understands her client. She has a keen sense of what to say and when to say it. I can attest that whatever Joan will help someone with, she will do with dedication and success. Her dedication to healing does not stop with her clients as she constantly develops her professional healing skills by taking classes, going to conferences and shows. I gained further admiration for her when she started free monthly Reiki share sessions in her house.  One does not need more proof that she has utmost trust and love for others.” 
“In my life, Joan will always be the one to thank for making me a believer in distant healing and cherish her as a teacher and friend." Elizabeth B.​
Joan turned my house from a haunted one to a real home. She worked for hours and traveled far to help someone who was then unknown to her. She is a bright and loving light in the world. I am grateful to have made her acquaintance and to have received her assistance. She is the “Mother Teresa” of house clearing!"  Kim S.      
​​​"I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed so I decided to try Reiki with Joan.  Joan was very instrumental in releasing my anxiety and emotions.  Her professionalism and knowledge with reiki made it a very spiritual and powerful experience.  Joan's passion is undeniable!!!  I also had a difficult time selling my house and had Joan do a house clearing ceremony.  Within weeks, I sold my house and can't thank her enough for her positive energy and time.  Everyone needs Joan's love and warmth to release any negative energy."  Kerri S.
" I have had a Reiki crystal energy healing by Joan.  I didn't know much about it or what to expect.  I first have to say, WOW! I can't remember when I have ever been that relaxed in my life!  Thank you, I truly needed that!   Joan has a very positive, relaxing and spiritual way about her.  You will not be disappointed.  So if you are reading this, don't hesitate to contact Joan."  Wendy A.
"Words cannot adequately describe how wonderful I feel since finding Joan on Facebook. I have been going weekly for about 4-5 months and Joan has done wonders with my Body, Mind And Spirit.  You could not meet a kinder, more compassionate Reiki Master than Joan. I know that God directed me to her and I feel blessed knowing her.  I have been to other Reiki Masters and they don't compare, so what are you waiting for folks??   Want to feel a million times better?  Then call Joan Snow!!"   Ellen B.
"Thank you, Joan!  Your reiki/crystal healing sessions over the past year have helped to release anxiety, stress and negative behavior patterns.  Your time, energy and love are truly a blessing to all who seek change.  You have helped me to heal and reflect in a loving spiritual space so I can become more aware of my own health and energy."  Megan​
"I had a Reiki crystal healing done by Joan.  It was the first time I ever tried anything like it.  I went in not knowing what to expect - if anything at all.  Well, it turned out to be a very positive spiritual experience for me.  I felt the warmth and the love all around me and experienced a calm that I never knew before - which did not end after the session.  I would recommend this healing to everyone who has an open mind and an open heart.  Looking forward to my next one." 
Susanne M.​
"After Joan performed intuitive energy healing on myself, I have been blessed with powerful energy. God's healing grace and blessings keep coming to myself and my family."  Rose 
                                                 References are also available upon request. 


I have studied at the New World Consciousness Center for the Intuitive Energy Healing. The Montclair Metaphysical Center is where I obtained my Mediumship Certification, Certified Reiki and House Clearings and Blessings program.  I became a Reiki Master (CRM) at the The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT).   In June, 2018, I just completed my Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master training.  I am an Ordained Minister in the Universal Life Church.  

I am an affiliated member of the International Center for Reiki Training and a member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

I have recently moved from NY to Bend, OR in July, 2018 where I now continue my practice of a healing practitioner locally, nationally and internationally. 

It is my privilege to continue helping others reconnect within themselves.  It is with heartfelt gratitude that I can be of service to you.  I look forward to working with you......

​​                    Rekindle Your Light Within...                  

  • Intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner
  • Certified Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master - CRM
  • Home/Business Spiritual Clearing & Blessings Ceremony
  • Ordained Minister-Universal Life Church




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