During:  Each session is 60 minutes on the healing table with a brief follow-up discussion. The client stays fully dressed with only their shoes off.  The client than lays down on the healing table.  Healing touch is the light placement of my hands on or above your body to facilitate the universal energy to you.  What each person feels or experiences during the session varies with each session and with each person.  Some people drift in and out of a light sleep, some remain awake.  Some clients feel cool while others feel warm.  After the session, you may feel tired or energetic.  There is no typical way - each person is unique within their own shifting of energy for that session.

After:  The initial energy shift continues for 2 days after the session.  Continue hydrating yourself.  Another helpful aid is to go out and be in nature - sitting or walking outside.  This really helps the energy to integrate. 

Nurturing yourself - You are in the midst of transforming energy that no longer serves you and bringing in the "new vitality".  Try and ease up on your personal demands - let yourself relax and rest.  Try reading a book, a relaxing bath/shower, enjoy some heartwarming and soul soothing food or simply, "Be".  Give yourself a hug!  You deserve it!


                                             INTRODUCTORY, SENIOR/STUDENT PACKAGES OFFERED

Clearing ...Releasing ...Resolving​  

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​​​​​Spiritual  Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing is a spiritual healing energy that works on the sources of imbalanced energy within oneself, bringing about a clearing or a smooth flow of energy.  

It then works on the related areas where you stuff your emotions (holding onto a wound shuts off a part of yourself).  This causes a ​releasing of stuck energy - thus opening up and bringing in new awareness and wisdom to oneself.

It also opens the pathways to the higher consciousness so you, the client receives a deeper level of healing on the karma and soul levels. This brings ​resolution to a belief - a story that is holding one back, hence, karma.


Reiki is a Japanese healing art for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes natural healing.  It is based on the belief that an unseen universal energy flows through us. Reiki is a very powerful form of energy that assists with releasing old and deep seated emotional and thought patterns, long distance healing, empowerment and manifestation.


 These modalities activate, harmonize and optimize the body and mind processes with ease. They trigger the body's natural abilities to heal itself.  They work in conjunction with other medical and therapeutic techniques to promote recovery.​  


I work locally, nationally and internationally working with the individual and what their preference is - whether by phone, Skype or simply by telepathy with a follow-up phone call or email (depending upon location).  References are available upon request.

  • Intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner
  • Certified Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master - CRM
  • Home/Business Spiritual Clearing & Blessings Ceremony
  • Ordained Minister-Universal Life Church


  • All sessions and cancellations require 24 hour notice. 

Each Session Consists Of:

Preparation:  Prior to the initial session, a discussion of

any medical history and what you are looking to achieve from the sessions.

Drinking water is essential to our daily living and it plays an important part of your healing.  So, when I confirm your appointments, I remind you to "increase your water intake" - if you normally drink a minimum amount.  I remind you after each session as well - to assist in the clearing and releasing of toxins.