• Intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner
  • Certified Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master - CRM
  • Home/Business Spiritual Clearing & Blessings Ceremony
  • Ordained Minister-Universal Life Church


ENERGY THERAPY:  Each of us have our own personality built upon our learned behaviors, survival mechanisms, life experiences, what we were taught to believe in, karma and ancestry. Simply put, there are a lot of "aspects" that make up our set patterns of thoughts, words and actions - whether we are conscious of it or not.

Many of these patterns are good character traits, however, there are some that you may realize or not, or simply don't understand - what or why it is that you are stuck in certain areas of your life - self love, personal goals, relationships - to name a few.

Yet, one keeps doing the non productive patterns through one's thoughts (pessimistic, self defeating), words (anxiety, frustration) and actions (out of fear), reactions (hurt, jealousy) no reaction (depression) or addictions.  The self sabotaging patterns are the energy blockages preventing one from moving forward in one's life.

When you are ready to begin your natural healing, you are than "willing and open" to reconnect with your inner being.  I work with the modalities of Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing.


SPACE CLEARING:  It is a spiritual cleansing of our living space.  We each have our own invisible energy imprint that we leave within our living space.  This becomes a collective energy force in our home, office, building and land. These energies are adversely affected by traumatic events in our lives, such as separation, divorce, life occurrences involving anger, addiction, depression or long recovery.    Unfortunately and unknowingly, these negative energies linger in our homes, offices, buildings and land.  The unresolved imprints are passed on from resident to resident until these energies are cleared.  If needed in certain homes, I also do spirit release and spirit rescue.


NEXT REIKI CLASSES:  Reiki Level 1 -  to be announced

                                            Reiki Level 2 -  to be announced

Reiki level 1 is the beginning stage focusing on the physical body in which you are connecting into an energetic source of healing.

Reiki level 2 introduces the use of Reiki symbols with deeper healing on the emotional, mental  and spiritual levels and distance healing.  Reiki 1 is required prior to this class.

As space is limited, reservations with deposit of half the fee (non refundable) is required by .  Fee covers class room instruction, manual, hands on practice, attunement and certification.  If registering for both levels in same weekend, discounted fee of $375.

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